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Won Grand prize of Line Sticker Design Competition | 2016 India.



Visual design | Sticker design for chat






Stickers as we know today are a very cool way of expressing emotions over so called new age digital relationships. And its possibility of exaggerating the emotions has given it an addictive acceptance world wide, specially among the teenagers.

Based on my observation, I noticed that stickers seem to have gained much popularity among teenage girls. Hence taking inspiration from my target audience I decided to create characters that captures overall flavor of our Desi teen hood or shall I call it eternal energy, madness, curiosity, fun and just fun.


The objective was to come up with 8 stickers. Here I present “Tuki” in her various avatars.

Wod Up. Most common way to start any conversation, I wanted to give it a witty look which kick starts the conversation with happy mood.

O’ Bas Kar Yaar. Synonym of ‘Ha ha … please stop‘, one of the most famous phrase used among Indian Teens when someone is laughing out loud.

Angry. Here I tried to show her Furious side, empowered with divine energy. Somewhat a form of Goddess Durga.

Pagal mummy maregi. Most of the time this is the reaction of teens on some naughty or bad Idea.

Kaisi lag rahi hu? As name is self explanatory, this is the most common question among teens, specially teenage girls as they shop very often and they really want to know the reaction of their friends for every new dress they buy.

Why? Here she is sad, but the witty text opens up the domain to use this in various situations.

Wooaaaa: Shocked or surprised. Can be used in both the situation.

Really? Sarcastic look.

So with these 8 stickers, she highlights generic Indian teenagers emotions that are easily relatable in their everyday routine.

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