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June 05, 2008

This is something really close to my heart – my final degree project back in 2008. Many sweet memories of IDC,IIT Bombay are connected with this. It was not a group project, we had to do everything on our own, starting from the scratch concept to the final product. I loved and lived every single moment of it.

When I started, I didn’t know anything about any software, except Photoshop. In fact, I made a few of the scenes in Flash , but then I learnt so much in the process. I admit there are many scenes here, taken from known cinematics but I guess that was the best way to learn the power of ‘proper timing’ and ‘composition’ for someone who is doing everything for the first time. I always used to be fascinated by the game cinematics, like how in just few minutes they narrate the gist of a story and have a powerful impact. And while creating my first film, I wanted all these elements in it.

I started with researching Indian Mythology, which is my favorite subject, and choose the character ‘Arjun’ ‘coz of his unique characteristics and his dual personality. I wanted to concentrate more on the composition, timing and storytelling part rather than compressing the huge content in to a few minutes. So instead of trying to narrate his whole story I choose only a part of it, where he loses his son ‘Abhimanyu’ in the battle of Kurukshetra and fights back in rage on 18th day.


List of awards, film received in various festivals –

24 FPS. Nov, 2008 | received “Best Animation, Student” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Anifest 08 | International Film Festival. Aug, 2008 received “Best Animation, Student” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Annecy 08 | International Film Festival France | June, 2008 | Animated short “ARJUN” was screened in Annecy 08 France.

FILMSAAZ 09 | National Film Festival of Short Films. March, 2009 received “Best Background Score” for the Animation Short  “ARJUN”.

Golden Cursor awards, March, 2008 | received “Best Animation, Student” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

16:9 International Film Festival. Feb, 2008 | received Silver for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Digital All Movement International Film Festival, Jan, 2008 | received “Best Animation and Visual effects” for the Animation Short “ARJUN”.

Arjun art.jpg
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